At Accented, we also sometimes produce custom products using recycled wood – we turn scraps that normally end up getting thrown out into beautiful, custom things that people love.

Our custom marble solitaire board is one such product – we take waste wood from other projects, and turn it into a beautiful, custom marble solitaire board that will have you hooked for hours, while looking great in any room.

Warning: Marble solitaire is highly addictive – you and your guests will play for hours.

The concept is simple – you have to end up with ONE marble left in the center of the board for the perfect game. You can only ‘take’ a marble horizontally or vertically on the board – no diagonal moves allowed. If someone claims they played the perfect game, ask for video evidence.

Perfect for kids and adults alike! Our custom solitaire boards are the perfect coffee or dinner table game, and are finished with an English Chestnut colour, sealed with furniture wax.

Each set includes marbles.

This item can ship anywhere in Canada or the USA – boards measure approx. 12 inches square, and about 1.25 inches high. They’re all solid wood so quite heavy.

Please note our solitaire boards are hand made to order – typically your order will ship within 2-4 working days via Canada post.