No we don’t, sorry. All of our custom barn boards are 3″ wide. We made this decision for three reasons:

1: 3″ Wide boards are in general much better quality and much straighter – less prone to suffering from cupping and/or bowing, so you get boards that are much easier to install and look great.

2: We always prefer the look of the narrower 3″ board. Narrower width means you get more rows on your wall, and more colours. It’s simply more interesting to look at, and a much better finished look. The boards are also much easier to work with for you or your installer.

3: The 3 inch wide boards cause less waste and less hassle to install – walls are often a round foot height – 8 or 9 feet for example – 5 inch width boards mean you need about 2 1/2 boards per foot of height. Our 3 inch boards are simpler – 4 rows of boards = 1 foot in wall height.