Accented Wood Wall Collections

Give your home or office a unique accent wall with real character. Browse our collections below.


The ‘Weathered Leather’ Collection

For the classic, weathered look.

Our Weathered Leather collection offers varying shades of natural chocolate, cocoa and coffee with greyish weathered tones.

Need a fresher, less weathered look? Check out our Natural Beauty collection.


The ‘Natural Beauty’ Collection

For the classic, natural look.

Our Natural Beauty collection is the ideal compliment to our other collections. Make your accent wall stand out with fresh shades of Chestnut, Walnut, Chocolate and Espresso.

Natural Beauty boards are not weathered in colour and fully show off the natural colour and texture of the wood.


The ‘Quite White’ Collection

The ultimate reclaimed look.

Our Quite White collection offers heavily weathered, distressed greys, strongly accented by aged greying white highlights.

Quite White boards offer the ideal pairing to our Weathered Leather collection if you want to add some variety to your wall.


The ‘Mixed Colour’ Collection

For the mixed, random look.

Our Mixed Colour collection gives you a little of everything – weathered, aged boards, white reclaimed-look with a smattering of natural beauty. Truly random and full of character!

Need a fresher, more consistent look? Check out our Natural Beauty and Weathered Leather collections.